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  • With milk prices continuing to fall, Electrolux want to help farms save money and become more sustainable

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  • A new Whitepaper gives an overview of the current replacement market within the catering industry

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New Whitepaper from Electrolux Professional

A new whitepaper on the replacement market within the Food Service Industry reveals the state of play and priorities for chefs currently



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Dairy Excellence Day 2015


With milk prices continuing to fall, Electrolux Professional want to help farmers by introducing a new solution which recommends using washable, reusable udder cloths prior to milking their cows, as opposed to wasteful, expensive, disposable paper towels.

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Kitchen Hygiene Offences

Kitchen Operators Urged to Remain Vigilant Amid Stronger Sentencing

Electrolux Professional comments on the release of new sentencing guidelines for health and safety and food offences later this year.

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