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Make a Complaint

At Electrolux Professional we strive for Excellence in everything we do, however if you are for any reason unhappy with the service you have received then we would welcome the opportunity to learn from this.

A summary of our Complaints procedure and contact information is provided below should you wish to share your concerns.

Should you wish to complain please write to us at the following address providing us with full details of your concerns, together with our invoice number and contact details for yourself:

Address: Electrolux Professional Complaints Department
Addington Way, Luton, LU4 9QQ


Electrolux aims to deal with your complaint quickly and fairly, we aim to meet the following timescales to resolve all issues:

• You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days.
• Outcome of initial investigation to be completed and communicated in writing within 10 working days.
• Investigating officer can request extension of 5 working days in complex cases, any such request will be communicated prior to the end of the initial 10 day period. 
• Outcome of all investigations will be communicated within 8 weeks of the date of the initial complaint.