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National Burger Awards 2017

National Burger Awards 2017

Electrolux Professional is proud and excited to be the equipment sponsor at the 2017 National Burger Awards

Burgers are a core part of the casual dining market at the moment, and with so many burgers to choose from, customers can take their pick of where to go. At Electrolux Professional, we want to help you create the best burgers you can by giving you easy to use equipment which is reliable time after time.

Get your chance to cook on the equipment you’ll be cooking on at the Burger Awards at the Center of Excellence in Luton. Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch to discuss your available dates.


The Competition

Judged at The Metal Works Islington on 22nd February 2017, your Signature Burger will be judged on:
How the burger is created and assembled
Preparation and cooking of meat
Condiments and extra fillings
Flavour profile
Texture, quality and consistency of the burger
Creativity of presentation

Your Technical Burger will be judged on:
Creativity with supplied ingredients
Originality in cooking method and presentation
Added flair and personal touches (although no other ingredients may be added!)

Three awards will be presented that evening; the best Technical Burger, the best Signature Burger and the overall National Burger Awards Champion – who will also take home the £1,000 prize.

Closing date for entries in 16th January, so get your entries in! 

See our Training and Development Chefs create their favourite burger to get your inspiration for the award winning burger of 2017!




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