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Discover the new energy labelling for refrigeration

Energy LabellingAn introduction of a Europe-wide energy labelling scheme will be viewed as a major landmark the foodservice industry for many years to come, by Electrolux Professional’s refrigeration category managers across Europe.

The new legislation will help customers make objective equipment choices based on standardised efficiency data, which will no doubt make environmental performance much more of a priority.

Welcoming the new Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directive, Massimilano Falcioni, Head of Refrigeration Category at Electrolux Professional said: “The EU’s decision to introduce mandatory energy labelling for refrigeration equipment across the continent is a huge step in the right direction and one I believe the industry will come to reflect upon as a major landmark for manufacturers and kitchen staff alike.” 

Commercial refrigerators can waste up to 10 times more energy than domestic models, and the new legislation is aimed at minimising environmental impact professional kitchens can have, as well as creating a better kitchen environment for chefs. The combination of benefits the legislation brings undoubtedly has the potential to make a huge difference to the quality of their output by allowing them to use the money saved in other areas.

The new European-wide requirements are designed to drive energy efficiency in the refrigeration and freezer categories by prescribing the display of an objective energy rating on every piece of equipment. Its ultimate aim is to improve the information given to end-users and remove the least efficient products from the market.

Refrigeration Legislation

Electrolux’s latest generation of high-performance refrigeration equipment, ecostoreHP, is already fully-compliant with classification A on the new energy label – the highest possible performance rating. Optimised for maximum storage capacity, ecostoreHP also offers the largest food storage capacity on the market, boasting 50l more than the average single door cabinet and 120l more than double door models.


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