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StrEAT Food Awards 2017

StrEAT Food Awards 2017

Electrolux Professional is proud and excited to be the equipment sponsor at the new StrEAT Food Awards 2017.

As street food is an ever growing concept within food service, its important to be able to vary a menu to keep up with trends and keep customers interested. The StrEAT Food StrEAT Food Awards 2017Awards are looking for looking for the most creative chefs from within the workplace and event catering to enter the new awards. Electrolux Professional is proud to sponsor a competition which is looking to enhance the creativity of a menu within a workplace and events.

Get your chance to cook on the equipment you’ll be cooking on at the StrEAT Food Awards at the Center of Excellence in Luton. Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch to discuss your available dates.


The Competition

Once shortlisted, you will be required to compete with 15 other finalists to cook technical and signature dishes in four heats using the cooking equipment supplied.

You will have:

·         A two zone induction hob
·         An electric griddle


You can also bring your own light duty equipment if necessary, for example; a small table top fryer, microwave or blender.

Whilst you can use your own ingredients for the signature challenge, the technical challenge will require you to solely use the ingredients that are supplied in your product basket; this will be given to you at the start of the day.


Each of the dishes will be reviewed by our judging panel, consisting of key industry figures including Henry Norman, editor of B&I Catering magazine and representatives from the event sponsors. Three awards will be presented during the ceremony that evening; the Best Technical Street Food Dish, Best Signature Street Food Dish and the Overall B&I Catering Street Food Award Winner – who will also win the £1,000 prize.


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