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Excellence and outstanding technology makes all the difference

At Electrolux Professional, we’ve developed two distinctive commercial ironer ranges with the needs of smaller shops in mind. Our IB range of bed-type ironer machines are ideal for those smaller itemsCommercial Ironing Machine with a working width of 1-1.6m, such as napkins and tablework.

Each of our IB models has been designed to ensure safe and simple operation, which limitsCommercial Ironing Machine the need for any specialist staff training and poses no occupational hazards for operators. 
The very ethos of our commercial ironers is that they can be seamlessly integrated into any small cleaning shop with no disruption.
Those of our customers who have taken the decision to invest in our IB range have been able to benefit from very low noise and vibration levels, as well as the ability to adjust temperature to achieve the highest of finishing standards.

Thanks to the latest innovations in ironing equipment, the versatility of the technology has the potential to make a huge impact on the overall quality and productivity of the laundering process. 

Our range of cylinder type ironers combine the drying and ironing function, by giving operators the opportunity to take both traditional and modern fabrics straight from washer to ironer for improved process efficiency. The IC433 series boasts a maintenance-free ceramic gas burner, which is 20 per cent more efficient than regular blue flame burners and minimises downtimes.

With the added benefit of our patented Dubixium™ cylinders, operators can have full faith in the industrial ironer’s ability to completely avoid the loss of production that results from uneven temperatures. The unique thermal oil flow inside the cylinder ensures that heat is always evenly distributed throughout the length of the ironer. 

The Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System (DIAMMS™) included within the IC433 series is the first true moisture management system on the market. With this unique feature, staff have automatic control of their ironer’s speed; guaranteeing the optimum productivity regardless of the fabric type.

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