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Pressure Cooking: high performance and best food quality for heavy-duty requirements

Infinite combinations, superior flexibility and cutting-edge design: thermaline is the ultimate solution for high productivity kitchens.
Manufactured in Switzerland, where profound traditions and state-of-the-art technologies meet, the
thermaline range of Pressure Cooking Boiling and Braising Pans is especially designed for the heavy-duty requirements in terms of quantities, performances and cooking results of hotels, institutions, hospitals, central kitchens and in-flight kitchens.

·        High food quality: the low presence of oxygen in the air volume prevent the oxidation of nutrients and vitamins, which results in best food taste, color, consistency and healthy. In particular, vegetables can be cooked without being immersed in water (i.e. without releasing aromatic substances, minerals, vitamins and other nutritional elements into the boiling water).

·        Energy saving: the reduction in cooking time ensures higher productivity, while saving energy both in the heating and cooking cycles.