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Commercial laundry business start up

Here we show you how easy it can be to start a commerical laundry business with the assistance and support from Electrolux. We will show you exactly how to start a laundry. Setting up a new business is a big investment in both time and money - here are just a few reasons why to look into a commerical laundry:

  • Excellent profit projection with high margins
  • Not a franchise, no ongoing fees/costs
  • Proven business profile with nationwide opportunities
  • Low start up costs 
  • Free advice from start up
  • Infinite demand
  • No experience required

We have various options to help you start a commercial laundry business. These options will explain how to start a commercial laundry business. Finding a laundrette for sale, whether it be a coin laundry or just equipment. If you start a commercial laundry business, it's best to invest in the right laundry equipment, particularly in the coin laundry franchise. The process of setting up a laundrette can be tricky and having guidance can be extremely beneficial in the long run.