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The Center of Excellence in Luton has been created to showcase the solutions which are offered globally by Electrolux Professional.

Providing dynamic, state-of-the-art facilities which cater to every customers requirements, the Center of Excellence houses 2 fully working showrooms as well as a static area and technical area to display some more of the innovative solutions provided by Electrolux Professional. Being at the unique facility, means that customers can experience the full capabilities of the Electrolux Professional range of laundry and food service equipment.

Our Center of Excellence has a fully working laundry, which houses a variety of the solutions we can provide.
• Hotels – Outsourcing vs in house laundry
• Lagoon – Alternative dry cleaning
• Barrier washer – Cross contamination in laundry
• Healthcare – Barrier washer elimination of cross contamination
• Commercial Laundry
• Facilities Management – Microfibre cleaning

Within our food service kitchen, we have some of our latest innovations. Including our air-o-steam Touchline combi oven, and award winning Hood Type Dishwasher, the kitchen facilitates the solutions required to help customers with their every day lives. Some of the solutions we can demonstrate are:
• Banqueting
• Blast Chilling
• Fine Dining
• Mass Production / High Productivity
• Quick Service Restaurant
• Sous Vide
• Tandoor
• Theatre Style
• Wok Cooking
• Patisserie
• Induction
• Low temperature cooking

The static area of the showrooms display our thermaline range of horizontal cooking, which combines the latest in culinary technology with the flexibility of choosing from a range of cooking options to suit your needs. This area of the Center of Excellence also shows the rack type dishwasher, XP horizontal suite, our cook&chill system as well as the ecostore and refrigeration cabinets we provide.
The technical area allows our service partners to learn the products inside out, as they take the machines apart to ensure the service provided is of the highest quality.

20 Centers of Excellence around the world
with over 15.000 visitors per year

More than 60 Chefs from the unique Electrolux Chef Academy active all over the world and a number of laundry experts provide training and advice to our customers by combining global experience and the most advanced know-how in the kitchen and laundry.

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The Center of Excellence in Italy

The Center of Excellence in our headquarters is a modern and functional show room which offers professionals in the Catering and Hospitality business a unique educational experience.

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  • 3.500 m2 dedicated to seminars, training, workshops and events
  • Electrolux Chef Academy
  • 4 training kitchens
  • company restaurant equipped as a “visual laboratory”
  • timetable of the seminars inspired by the training courses of the best culinary schools
  • over 6,000 guests per year

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