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Industrial and Other Cooking Appliances

Industrial Cooking Appliances

Industrial cooking appliances are key for strategic workflows in kitchens which prepare hundreds or thousands of meals per day. Domestic or semi professional equipment isn't made for the job of these heavy duty products, and we understand your needs for something that is built to last.

Equipment from Electrolux Professional means that customers are guaranteed to get the most of the product, through key after sales training given to each customer when they require it.

Hygiene and safety must be integral when choosing the right piece of industrial cooking appliance. All of the products from Electrolux Professional are innovative products which provide users not only with high quality results, but also the knowledge and peace of mind knowing that they have all been tested to ensure the highest hygiene and safety standards too.
We understand your challenges and needs within the industrial cooking market, thats why we have invested into the products we provide to give you the latest kitchen solutions.

Industrial Cooking Appliances