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Barrier and Side Load Washers

Electrolux barrier
washer, your reliable
hygiene partner

Electrolux Professional’s expertise and barrier
washers will give you and your business peace
of mind by providing the best defence
against the spreading of micro-organisms
and cross infections.

Electrolux has researched extensively into how
to offer the optimum working environment.
From the ergonomic loading and unloading
height to the largest doors on the market
our wide range of barrier washers will save you
time and money.


With Electrolux Professional barrier washers you will benefit from;

  • Excellence inside: intelligent features  such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System for the highest level of control and traceability throughout the whole hygiene process
  • Improved efficiency and productivity thanks to more wash loads per day
  • Fastest and safest machine operation on the market
  • Fastest unloading process on the market
  • Automatic inner drum doors opening
  • Largest and lightest doors on the market
  • Guaranteed hygiene – Electrolux  Hygiene Watchdog ensures that any wash program is performed in full before it allows unloading on the clean side

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