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Front Load Washers

Excellent care with best performance
and wash result

Industrial washing machine

At Electrolux Professional, we understand that every commercial laundry is different and even laundries in similar environments need to have different functions to be able to provide a full service to their organisation.

Commercial washing machines are crucial to make sure laundries perform at full capacity whilst maintaining levels of hygiene and cleanliness expected in any company.
To be able to help our customers achieve a productive laundry, we have established a full range of innovative features available across our Line 5000 range of commercial laundry equipment.

Automatic SavingsIndustrial washing machine

This feature allows the user of the machine to save on
water and detergent cost. For a short period at the
beginning of the program, the front load washer will determine the correct weight of the load, and only put in as much water and detergent that is needed for the wash load.

Power Balance

The average load of washing used by consumers is 3kg, meaning that in a lot of instances the commercial washing
machine is not being used to full capacity. Power Balance is a feature which can mean an increased lifetime of the laundry equipment. Our G-Factor is lower and allows for an even spread of the load during the cycle for less vibrations and pressure on internal components.

Compass Pro Interface

Industrial washing machineThe Compass Pro on the Line 5000 range of laundry equipment is our most user-friendly and flexible interface for all kinds of operators. With up to 55 programs, there’s certain to be a program to suit your needs and the wash loads Compass Pro also offers a speedy service, with the USB port on the front of the machine rather than going through the top or back of the machine.
As well as being user friendly for service, voice guidance is also available on most models to ensure our commercial laundry equipment is easy to use for all consumers.

These are only a few of the innovative features that are available on our range of laundry machines, get in contact with us for more!

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