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Tumble Dryers

Commercial Tumble Dryers

Line 5000 commercial dryers are have an ergonomic design and specifically incorporated features which ensure our dryers are flexible and safe to use. They have been designed for the end user to have complete control over the drying process, which ensures that the standard of laundry is continually the high standard they are used to. 

Commercial Tumble DryerBased on the Drying Triangle, the features on the Compass Pro interface on the industrialtumble dryers are pre-set based on Economy, Care and Time. Each one of these has been created for those who want to obtain the best results for all types of textiles, quickly and easily.
The triangle technology guarantees the best result during the laundry process – at the touch of a button.

Features within the dryers have specifically been created for ease of use and to maximise the potential in all laundry environments.


Commercial Tumble Dryer

Reversing Drum

The reversing drum feature allows for faster drying as it creates less tangling in the drying process. By doing this, the time spent on sorting dried loads out is significantly reduced, which allows for operators time to be spent on maintaining the quality expected from the laundry.This is also aided by the king size lifters within the drum, which reaches out further into the drum compared to standard size lifters, to spread the load evenly throughout the cycle, including those larger items which may be in the centre of the drum.

Residual Moisture

Residual moisture allows moisture content to be measured constantly throughout the drying process and stops once a level has been reached.Having this feature allows the finish of each garment to be of a high quality by preventing over-drying. Residual Moisture also allows for shorter drying times, and energy savings due to the automatic stop involved in the process.

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