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air-o-system: integrate, ease and streamline in the kitchen













air-o-system is the most innovatiove Cook&Chill solution available on the market. Combining Electrolux Professional’s combination ovens and blast chillers, the system optimises workflow in the kitchen, increases shelf life and reduces waste.

The ranges have been designed to fit perfectly in a kitchen, with various sizes to work side by side in any environment. With an integrated process, the solution of combi ovens and blast chillers mean that you can optimise the cooking of food and follow food hygiene regulations without wasting key space in even the smallest of kitchens.

The air-o-system is designed around every chef’s needs. Limit food weight loss but also make the whole cooking process simpler and more effective. Menu planning can also become an easier process as the Cook&Chill solution allows customers to use the range to the most of its ability.
The Touchline combi ovens on offer from Electrolux Professional operate at the touch of the screen. Three intuitive cooking modes mean cooking couldn’t be simpler.