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Think global, serve local

e-chefGlobal recipes can be transferred to any kitchen with an air-o-steam Touchline oven, where special original dishes from abroad can then be served locally according to your customers’ taste, guaranteeing the success of your restaurant.

For example, using e-chef the American T-Bone steak can be cooked and served perfectly anywhere around the world: rare, medium rare or fully cooked. Satisfy your customers’ tastes as they desire.


Group your recipes

e-chef invites you to use the brand new category section to group recipes by type: cuisine, diets, ingredients, temperatures, meal menu, seasons. As an example, would you like to offer an Christmas menu? The e-chef helps you program and/or select the recipes, while allowing you to create and personalize the category section.


Maximum performance?

  • Save up to 1000 personalized recipes
  • With a simple USB key you can save and transfer recipes to other ovens
  • Relax, air-o-steam Touchline monitors and regulates the cooking 10 times a second
  • Peace of mind as food safety can be monitored and guaranteed automatically by the patented Food Safe Control function (in accordance with HACCP standards)


Cooking quality?

  • Ideal cooking conditions with the Precise Humidity Control, thanks to use of the patented lambda sensor
  • Achieving perfect cooking results has never been simpler thanks to air-o-steam Touchline feature, such as the Precise Humidity Control, its patented lambda sensor, and a six sensor probe
  • Obtain best results with automatic cooking through constant monitoring of the process


Think global, serve local New category section A lot easier with e-chef

Think global, serve local

New category section

A lot easier with e-chef



Electrolux Chef Academy

e-chef tested and trusted by the unique global Electrolux Chef Academy

e-chef is the result of intense dialogue with our worldwide network of chefs in order to advise on every client need.
The prestigious in-house Electrolux Chef Academy combines international experience and the most advanced know-how in the kitchen.


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