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Electrolux Express Finance

Express Finance is designed to take the stress out of replacement equipment purchases, a quick and easy service which offers access to instant finance and 24-hour delivery across a core range of key catering equipment.

Created in partnership with independent finance provider Shire Leasing, Electrolux Express Finance offers a one-stop service with flexible finance options to make upgrades and distress scenarios as pain-free as possible for those without the capital to take immediate action.

The service builds on Electrolux Express, a ‘24 to the door’ provision allowing kitchens to obtain replacement equipment from the specially-selected Express Range the day after an order is placed with one of our UK-wide network of partners.

Electrolux Express Finance promises the rapid finance and delivery of the most commonly-replaced kit – from prime cooking and dishwashing, to refrigeration and dynamic preparation equipment – in just four simple steps. When a machine needs upgrading, customers need only contact an Electrolux Professional partner to obtain instant finance approval on a replacement, before the order is placed and delivered within 24-hours.

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Express Finance