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Hygiene and Care Laundry

Places where laundry means health

Laundry Cycle Management is vital in any
health organisation. Infection outbreaks
can put lives on the line –
why risk contamination?

Electrolux Professional is dedicated to reducing
disease and infections in the care and health
sector, our laundry equipment is developed with
customer insight and in close co-operation with
global experts.
Our aim is to provide innovative solutions that
not only maintain the levels of hygiene that are
critical, but are pratical and cost effective.

The range of equipment we provide for care and health laundries varies from 6kg for smaller care homes to 110kg barrier washers for larger hospitals.
All our machines are RABC compliant and we are currently the only HACCP certified laundry manufacturer globally and in the UK.

Laundry products from Electrolux Professional also boast a range of features desgined to maximise benefits and help you take full control over your linen hygiene.Flexible programs allow the laundry cycle to be specific to customers needs, but also saves time and money with features such as automatic savings, which adjusts water and detergent doses depending on the weight of the load.

The Journal of Clinical Microbiology has found infections can live on fabrics for up to 90 days after first being touched. As infections can be spread through objects such as clothing, towels and sheets, it is vitally important that every care and health laundry not only use the most hygienic procedures for laundry practice, but also know the difference between visual and hygienic cleanliness.

At Electrolux Professional, we pride ourselves on being able to understand the challenges faced in the care industry. That’s why we have developed the Good Guide to Laundry Practice Pack. This comprehensive pack is designed to help give operators working in care establishments the knowledge they need to ensure they are following the correct laundry cycle management procedures.The pack contains information and adivce based on the RABC regulations to ensure optimum hygiene and raise laundry performance levels.

The packs are available free of charge, to receive your copy, please fill in the form below and we will be sure to post one out to you as soon as we can

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