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Electrolux Training Support

The right training is important for the effective running of your business

Electrolux Professional understand that you need the right training in order to operate your equipment and laundry effectively. Not only do we provide you with the correct equipment we support you with a fully comprehensive tranining scheme.

  • Electrolux prides itself on the comprehensive training scheme for customers with newly installed laundry equipment.
  • Training on the equipment in as well as advice on good laundry practice is essential and available to all new and existing customers.
  • Good training is imperative to the success and optimised use of a laundry operation.
  • Training can be provided on site at your premises or at the Electrolux head office in Luton.
  • Online training and documentation is available to support you and your business in your daily duties.
  • For information on training please contact us using the contact us section on the website.