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Professional Cleaning business start up

Affordable and environmentally friendly care of delicate garments with or without solvents. 
Electrolux is the only supplier who can provide dry-cleaners with: The first and only professional fabric care wetcleaning system approved by Woolmark as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments.

Take advantage of new business opportunities
By using one or both Electrolux professional garment care systems, you can extend your service offering to satisfy existing and new customers’ needs.
Everything you need, Lagoon™ an integrated system...
Lagoon™ includes washing, drying and ironing using water as a base for a surprisingly effective and ecological wash.  Lagoon™ can be used for all types of fabric, even for fabrics which were previously thought of as solely the domain of dry cleaning.

...and tailor-made solution for finishing equipment to suit your needs.
Electrolux Laundry Systems has an extensive range of finishing equipment available to suit your needs. The range includes form-finishers, trouser-toppers and ironing tables which have been selected based on their energy efficiency and user friendliness. All our equipment is designed for the user ensuring a safe working environment.

You can also select among a range of options and accessories for a tailor-made solution which will increase your production efficiency.