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ecostore: designed entirely around your needs















 Refrigeration solutions are important to any commercial kitchen. They are the only appliances that run 365 days a year. It is important to assess the qualities that make a good refrigerator and one that can optimise the efficiency of its operation for the user.

The most important value to Electrolux Professional is our dedication to reducing energy consumption and increasing the sustainability of our products.

ecostore is Electrolux Professional ‘s solution to refrigeration. These innovative cabinets are designed around three main concepts; Efficiency, Performance and Capacity. The ECA approved cabinets have an average of 60 litres more capacity than the market average.
Our ecostore range is designed around you and the key needs of any kitchen. The refrigerated cabinets provide many unique and essential features to keep your kitchen running 24/7.

As our high standard refrigeration solutions, ecostore use up to 65% less energy than standard cabinets through 75mm insulated walls and improved gasket design. The intelligent Optiflow air circulation system adapts to your load for the best cooling and temperature uniformity results. Internal components are fully removable, making it easier to clean and retain maximum hygiene results.

Efficiency, performance, solution