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Unbeatable storage capacity, exceptional sturdiness, maximum hygiene

Thanks to their new design, the ecostore commercial refrigerator cabinets from Electrolux Professional have maximum storage capacity, an average of 60 litres more capacity compared to the equivalent commercial refrigerator cabinets on the market.
Maximum internal space is recovered thanks to a hidden evaporator and new component layout, 44 grid level positions mean increased loading capacity to fit your needs of your refrigerator.

The internal structure of the ecostore is designed for additional hygiene. Rounded corners and edges ensure no dirt gets trapped in hard to reach areas, whilst fully removable air conveyors, runners, supports and grids make cleaning the internal components of the cabinet as simple as possible. Avoiding the build-up of dirt is simple with an ecostore commercial refrigerator, the door handle is made without joints and entirely of stainless steel. The front panel is completely water safe, allowing quick and easy cleaning of external surfaces.