Barrier Washers

Electrolux barrier washer,
your reliable hygiene partner

The Excellence you need for your barrier laundry

Guaranteed hygiene

Electrolux Hygiene Watchdog (HW) ensures the best defense against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections.

Top ergonomics

Automatic inner drum door opening, lightest and largest doors on the market making it the safest and easiest machine to operate.

Low operation costs

The optimized design of the machine drum, together with the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System, provides top savings in water and detergents.

Control and traceability

Certus Management® Information System (CMIS) allows for the highest level of control and traceability throughout the whole hygiene process.

Hyvolution barrier washer

Ergonomic design meets
classic Pullman design

Electrolux Professional introduces their efficient loading and unloading system improving on customers’ insight for ease of use.

Ease of access

Uniquely large ERGO Door ensures ease of access to linen.

Safe and effortless use

Automatic opening options and pneumatic systems allow safe and effortless use.

Increase of capacity

The slim and compact design allows increase of capacity in small laundry areas.

Watch our video to see the best-in-class 50kg barrier washer on the market

New Evolution barrier washer

Ergonomic design with hygiene at heart

Barrier Washers, with the first ever 20 kg machine – inspired by Pullman. Specially designed to keep your laundry in-house and help you regain full control over quality and hygiene.

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