Electrolux Professional’s green&clean Rack Type warewasher has been shortlisted in The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards 2018.

The state-of-the-art product has been nominated in the warewashing category because of its ability to achieve a sustainable service with low running costs due to a range of innovative product features.

The Product Excellence Awards 2018, taking place on Thursday 6th December, aims to recognise excellence in food, drink and equipment products within the catering and hospitality industries. Warewashing products are judged on energy and water usage, functionality, quality of results and speed of service.


Lowest running costs in the industry 

clean dishwashing

Brilliant washing results


Guaranteed Sanitation


Use and maintenance

Recognised for its consumption of 63% less water, 34% less energy, and 62% less detergent and rinse aid than competitor models, the green&clean Rack Type warewasher was shortlisted for its ability to clean an entire rack of dishes with just one glass of water.

Furthermore, the product is Electolux’s most environmentally-friendly dishwasher to date. As one of the only Rack Type dishwashers on the market with a CO2 heat pump, the green&clean is Naturally Ventless which provides comfort to kitchen staff while ensuring reduced emissions.

Darren Lockley, Head of Region UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional, commented: “We are thrilled that the green&clean Rack Type warewasher has made the shortlist in The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards. Our product has enjoyed resounding success, helping foodservice operators not only create a more productive and comfortable work space, but also help reduce costs and increase sustainability in the kitchen.

“It is a great achievement to see Electrolux’s innovative warewashers recognised by such a renowned industry body, and we are looking forward to celebrating the achievements at the award ceremony with fellow industry professionals.”

For more information on Electrolux Professional’s Rack Type warewashers, visit our page on Rack Type Dishwashers

For more information on The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards, visit https://www.productexcellenceawards.co.uk/

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